Blood in the Earth

Mystery of the two Samuels
Thomas Burgess had four sons, Thomas, John, Jacob, and Robert. John and Jacob both decided to name one of their sons Samuel, so there were first cousins named Samuel, about four years apart in age. The mystery is which Samuel had a daughter named Remember. While searching through many family trees I have found there is consternation as to which man had the child, some saying John's Samuel and others saying Jacob's Samuel. From whom Remember came makes a difference in the ancestral line, so it is a sticky situation. I decided I would follow Ebenezer Burgess' "Burgess Genealogy. Memorial of the family of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess, who were settled at Sandwich, in the Plymouth Colony, in 1637". This booklet was first published in 1865. Ebenezer was a descendant of Thomas and Dorothy and I believe his account is probably the most accurate. On page 17 he clearly lists Remember as the daughter of Samuel, son of John, son of Thomas. Mystery solved to my satisfaction, knowing ancestral info offers no guarantees.

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